Nanping Yi Ze Abrasives & Tools Tech Co., Ltd.

Nanping Yi Ze Abrasives & Tools Tech Co., Ltd. (Nanping Gold Yize Imp. And Exp. Trading Co. Ltd. ) is one of the most influential abrasive Manufacturers in China. We′ve been specializing in abrasives industry (producing cutting disc and grinding disc) since 2005, and established abrasive factory which production of high-end ceramic-coated white fused alumina in 2013. Now we have developed into an integrated set of industry and trade company. Products covering various abrasive grains, refractories and abrasive tools. As a leader in the field of white fused alumina abrasive. We played a pioneering role in promoting high-end ceramic-coated abrasive application. YIZE drafted and made China National Standards of White fused alumina (GB/T 2479-2022), and it will be put into implementation from Oct. 1st, 2022. Our abrasive products have been exported 100+ countries. Sharp and Durable is our unique competitiveness. Working in line with the business principle of achieving mutual benefits and reciprocity with clients, we look forward to having the opportunity of becoming your supplier in the near future.

Why Choose Us?

Given the extreme competition, some organizations may find it difficult to succeed in the saturated market world. The versatility of our product range, on the other hand, has allowed us to accomplish significant success. Furthermore, the following elements have aided us in staying ahead of the competition and dominating the market:

We make certain that the necessities of customers are correctly identified and satisfactorily met.

We are supported by a highly talented team that always increases our productivity.

We sell our product line at the most decent prices, particularly in comparison to other businesses around the market.

We make sure that each & Every order is guaranteed to be completed within the designated time frame.

R& D Capacity

Our company has always put a lot of emphasis on research, which is how we get our products to the phase of development. We are always on the lookout for new ideas that will help us stand out from the crowd of comparable products present in the market. According to the research, we end up developing a wide variety of products such as Ceramic abrasive grain, Grinding Wheel, Cutting disc, Flap Disc, and Wire Brush, etc. Apart from product development, we also consider market conditions, potential customers, competition analyses, and other factors. Persistent research and development allows us to not only give the best products to our clients, but also to stay ahead of our rivals.
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